Sale Facilitation Service

Congratulations on reaching an agreement with a buyer and settling on a sale price! From here on out, allow our Sale Facilitation Service to take the reins, guiding both parties towards a seamless transaction.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Us:

  • Buyer Financial Status; Navigating seas, we collaborate closely with the buyer's lender, ensuring qualified to buy now and stay approved right up to closing day.
  • Paperwork Preparation: Diving into the paperwork with precision, we ensure everything is prepared accurately and promptly, leaving no room for error.
  • Seller Disclosures: We gather and organize all necessary seller disclosures, maintaining transparency and adherence to legal standards.
  • Inspections: From arranging to managing required inspections, we keep both buyer and seller in the loop, ensuring a thorough understanding of the property’s condition.
  • Contingency Management: We demystify the contingencies of the sale for everyone involved, paving a clear path towards completion.
  • Timelines: With our transaction coordinator at the helm, we monitor all timelines closely, guaranteeing that all milestones are reached without delay.
  • Closing Arrangements: We orchestrate the closing process with finesse, aiming for a smooth and gratifying finale to your real estate journey.

Why Choose Our Sale Facilitation Service?

  • Save Time: Trust us to steer the transaction towards the closing table efficiently, freeing you up for your next venture.
  • Cost-Effective: “Full-service listing” fees commonly are around 6%, however, our facilitation transaction fee stands at 1% of the sale price (plus a $599 broker commission for buyer and seller).  
  • Legal Safeguard: With a deep understanding of real estate transaction legalities and backed by E & O insurance, we significantly reduce the risk of legal complications.
  • Emotional Buffer: Acting as the intermediary, we alleviate emotional pressures, maintaining professionalism and calm throughout the transaction.

Buyer Already Has an Agent?

Even if the buyer already has an agent, we can still assist and represent YOU in the transaction. However, it's important to consider that agent's fee, commonly in the 2-3% of sale price range, may need to be incorporated into the sale. Let's discuss your options to navigate this effectively.

Let us handle the intricacies, so you can look forward to what’s next with peace of mind.

Office Locations

St. Paul Crocus Hill
748 Grand Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105 

480 W Hwy 96 Ste #200 
Shoreview, MN 55126 

Each Office is Independently Owned & Operated Realtors® Licensed in MN with RE/MAX Results

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